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I have been a professional writer for 10 years, but I’m not just a left-brained writer. I’m also a right-brained designer, researcher, and coder. With a Ph.D. in literature, I am trained in research and writing, so I first research my topic and get to know it well. Then, I let my creativity flow and bring life to the project.

My professional experience has provided me with a strategic thought process that has opened doors into content development, including writing magazine and journal articles, working in publishing and marketing, and web and app development. I have 10 years of experience writing on topics of health, social justice, and technology. I also have one year of experience as a UX content strategist and web developer.

What makes me different from other writers and UXers?

I’m versatile. In addtion to writing professionally, I have edited marketing and SEO materials, journal articles, creative writing, and book reviews, and I taught college-level writing and literature courses. These experiences have provided me with a sharp eye for detail, an instinct for what makes a story work, and the ability to communicate complex technical and academic concepts to a general audience. I am also familiar with several style guides, including AP, Chicago, and APA, so I can tailor my words to fit the style and tone of your project.

I’m a one-stop shop. I can design and generate content for various projects (articles, websites, apps, blog posts, marketing materials), proof the material, use content management systems to post the content, and create unique websites to display the content.

Let's Improve Your Content Together

Behind every project and successful client is a powerful story, and behind those words is a design strategy. My job is to design and write compelling content that brings your story—your vision—to life.

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Writing and UX Services

  • Articles
  • Web and app design
  • Blog posts
  • Technical writing
  • Grant proposals
  • Social media posts
  • Curriculum development

My services go beyond writing. Besides designing positive, memorable experiences between the user and the product, I research to find the topic that will get your audience talking, optimize the content for search engines, and carefully edit the content.

Bottom line: I create and design content that is an extension of your story, your vision, your voice.

Development Services

  • Web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Templates (for sites or blogs)
  • Site management (WordPress)

Few thought a writer could learn to code,
Nothing one would want to download.
But she learned a new craft,
And got the last laugh.
Now she can reduce your workload.


My pricing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every project is unique and has its own requirements and deadlines. For a free consultation and estimate, contact me at moc.liamg@spillihpnyesdnil so I can determine the best content strategy for you.



"'It’s easy to see how much time and effort you put into this because you've uncovered an abundance of interesting and useful information.'"

"'In the 6 months that Lindsey has been here, she has proven herself to be a top performer. She shows great initiative, always volunteers to help out, and is fun to work with. . . . I am so happy that Lindsey joined our team. She is a superstar-in- training!'"

"'I read your thoughtful/insightful/very useful comments multiple times. . . . You went far beyond the fee in terms of the hard work you put in, pointing out so many big and small details. Thank you!'"

"'You are talented and really good at what you do.'"

"'I think you can be an excellent manager!'"

"'This is really interesting. Thanks, Lindsey, for writing it up! I think we can start some interesting discussions from this info!'"

"'Nice work on this. You covered a lot of ground in a relatively limited amount of space.'"

"'Even on a late Friday afternoon, she stays eagle-eyed!'"

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