Hi, I'm Lindsey.

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I'm a freelance writer and content strategist in Washington, DC, who advocates for a content-first, user-centered approach. Content should be clear, meaningful, concise, useful, and usable.

My aim is to create content-driven design.

What makes me different from other writers and UXers?

I’m versatile. My experience as a writer, editor, and writing instructor has provided me with a sharp eye for detail, an instinct for what makes a story work, and the ability to communicate complex concepts to a general audience.

I'm not afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are simply an iteration, a step closer to a better solution.

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How Can I Help?

  • Content Strategy Planning, organizing, and writing content.
  • Articles and White Papers Researching and writing on health, technology, and social justice.
  • Technical Writing Making complex information accessible to a wide audience.
  • UI Writing Clear, helpful language to improve the user experience.

  • Blog Posts Writing about UX, content strategy, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and technology.
  • Social Media Content that connects you with your customers.
  • Grant Writing Preparing proposals, tables, and charts to help you get funding.
  • Editing Knowing when to let go of the words.

Bottom line: I create and design content that is an extension of your story, your vision, your voice.


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